Heuser Chiropractic

Heuser Chiropractic is a local family-owned chiropractic clinic that has been passed down from father to son for three generations. For over forty years, Dr. Heuser has served the Colorado Springs community as an expert in his field, bringing the newest technology with the traditional care and respect that we feel every patient deserves.

Heuser Chiropractic has recently opened a new clinic on the North side of town, branching out to serve our community with convenience and comfort as well as outstanding professionalism and care. We now offer two locations in the Colorado Springs community, both equipped with the greatest of therapeutic and rehabilitative technology and the most knowledgeable, caring doctors. Our amazing therapists and staff support the clinic to provide a seamless experience every time a patient visits. If you haven't checked us out yet, stop by sometime for a free exam and adjustment. We know once you get to know Heuser Chiropractic, you'll never need another chiropractor again.